Meet Chester the Dog

Come to the Fox Inn to meet our lovable pooch Chester

Hi everyone, especially walkers, welcome to the Fox.

We are really excited about Cheltenham this year.

I am getting my social media stuff together this year. I want to keep you posted about my activities - well some of them anyway! I have talked my long suffering owner Paul into having my own web page, if I promise to stop climbing out the window! Hope you like it. Computers have passed me by really, I am having to get this dictated because I obviously can’t type. So bare with me.

To the few people who don’t know, I am Chester the main man around here. I am a bit of a big thing in and around the Windrush Valley. I am a French Alpine Briad & Lercher. We are renowned for being intelligent, caring and oh so obedient….not. I have clicked a few selfies on the right for you.

Anyhow, come and say hello and have a chat by the fire with a pint. If we get on, which I am sure we will I will let you take me for a walk.

Signing off