Foxstock 2020

We are Going For It!

August Bank Holiday Weekend, 29th – 31st August 2020.

Having ummed, arghed and agonised over whether we could run our 20th Music Festival in these difficult and trying times, I feel with careful planning and you the customer adhering to the rules the main winner should be the “Joy of Music” – Live Music!! To bring happiness, a sense of normality, the chance for our talented local musical talents to do what they love most – to entertain. No industry has been harder hit than theirs.

Due to finances and restrictions we have adjusted times this year to:

Sat, 5pm – 11pm
Sun, 5pm – 11pm
Mon, 1pm – 7pm.

I feel we can, with your support, create something very special where the best of Cotswold musicians come together with a crowd of frustrated and deprived live music lovers. I can feel and taste the atmosphere now!

What you as the customer need to do most to adhere to Covid protocol is Book Your Table Now. Social distancing is a must. Each bench will be for 6 people and will cost £40. For this you will received 6 Drinks vouchers. So even if you are say a party of 3, it is still the same cost but you will have 2 vouchers per person. The lead person who books a table will be the ‘Track and Trace’ monitor for the people on that table.

I wish life could be less complicated, but all need to adhere to the rules in order for us to bring the joy of a live music festival back to life.

I hope this last minute decision finds you all and with a little bit of good weather, a balmy evening. I feel although this tricky decision had to be left late, I think we have a unique moment to express our normal selves and make the mini Foxstock 2020 a very special and memorable occassion.

See you there!

Paul Porter

P.S. Please, everyone use Social Media to get the word our – many thanks!

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